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Climatic Center

March 31, 2017


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More then what it would be this phenomenon? El Nio is an atmospheric-oceanic phenomenon characterized by an abnormal heating of superficial waters in the Tropical Pacific ocean, and that it can affect the regional and global climate, changing the standards of wind the level world-wide, and thus affecting, regimes of rain in tropical regions and average latitudes. (Source CPTEC- Climatic Center of Forecast of Time and Studies.) Another type of drought, normally more rare, is induced when the Tropical Atlantic Ocean to the north of the Equator is hotter, what dumb the atmospheric circulation in the Amaznia, diminishing rains, a time that it has carried from humidity for the trade winds of this ocean to inside of the continent it diminishes. In this in case that, it more dries if in the west and southwest manifest, as it was the case in 1963, 2005 again in 2010. Also she is necessary to differentiate meteorological droughts of hidrolgicas droughts in a draining basin. What we saw in 2010 was drastic hidrolgica drought of the historical register, that isolated varies marginal communities, causing a natural disaster that affected 60 a thousand people more than. The rain deficit also reached some originary tributaries of left edge of the hemisphere north.

The combination of these dunes ' ' waves of seca' ' comings of both the hemispheres it resulted in the lesser outflow registers in the main canal. At the beginning of 1970, studious they had related the glacial periods of the Pleistocene (between 10 a thousand and 1,8 million of years) to the phase of less humid climates in the Amaznia. Only from 1988, with paleolgicas datings (it is the part of micropaleontology that studies the organic microfsseis), of Pleistocene samples, this hypothesis was consolidated. (Source:) Then, if the global heating or the deforestation in the Amaznia to cause a permanent change of the climate, where the average addition of rain in the region diminishes around 10% or 15% and the tempertura increase four degrees, has two things occurring: (…) more than 50% of the Amaznia podera if to become I propitiate to other dry types of the vegetation.

Reiki Master

March 30, 2017


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The girl learns parental love, but at the same time learn that she must do everything alone and not a man can rely on. As a grown woman, she attracts men, the while lovingly are, but they do not support. She has learnt from their environment by their parents, that in a relationship the woman alone must do everything. And until she change these beliefs, she will have difficulty manifesting a relationship based on mutual support. For assistance, try visiting Dean Ornish M.D. If we believe that we have to do everything alone, then we will attract people, on which we can rely not.

If we live in constant fear to be left, then this fear attracts people, that really leave us at the end. We believe that we must work hard for our success, then will be reached only through hard work to succeed. We believe, however, that we are worth loving and wonderful people to have us around, then we attract such people. Further details can be found at Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., an internet resource. If we believe that life is easy and full of joy, then our life may be also. If we believe that work is fun and we can come to success through joy, then be successful results in the job with ease set. Next time, if you are in a situation, which frustrated or even enrages, then wonder yet again: “why I prefer this situation? What thoughts do I change, to have a positive experience?” “Where and from whom I learned that life and people are?” “What thoughts have I, that other people commit me to handle bad?” “What will I learn from this situation? Can I learn it even without the negative experience?” Go get to the bottom. Find out what beliefs behind this plug and change this pattern.

By we remind us that life is a miracle and full magic and we are a part of this miracle, we also learn that we are worth to live a life full of joy, love, harmony and wealth. We refuse to accept negative circumstances and people, and are instead willing to take our lives into their own hands by changing our thought patterns, we become the master of the victims. We create around the world around us through our Thoughts. What kind of world you decide to create?

Massage Therapy

March 27, 2017


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Mobile massage at work enjoy more and more company large popularity. Workplace massage who would have imagined a few years ago to let. Martha McClintock can aid you in your search for knowledge. The offer of mobile massage in the workplace is a common practice but in more and more companies. But the number of providers of such services is increasing. Massages take to ongoing requirements to employees in the Office as part of the health care in the modern world of work. In the last few years, therefore issues such as stress or Burnout got an increased media presence.

More and more companies respond to this negative trend with measures in the area of workplace health promotion. In addition to health days, annual examinations or own health programmes, now also the massage in the Office has established itself as popular precaution. Companies hope such measures including a reduction in illness-related absenteeism, increasing the performance of your employees, and greater satisfaction in the workplace. Advantages of mobile massage staff not only benefit from the positive effects of a relaxing massage, but save by performing in the workplace also precious time. Employees performing regular massages are also can relieve stress and develop an increased well-being in the workplace.Companies can either provide the premises and the work time of employees or to even participate in the costs of massages.The advantages at a glance: Investment show health measure companies in the well-being of employees working skills employees save reduction of sickness-related absenteeism professional providers in the rise time and money while offering the mobile massage at the beginning especially of healing masseurs have also covered this area was offered, so there are nowadays already professional providers consisting of several massage therapists and a broad portfolio of different types of massage. Employees can result with the range of massage in the Office of a relaxing massage at the workplace benefit, while companies invest in the well-being and performance of its employees. Christoph Court finger health + life health management

Sales Advisor For Forklift Snow Pusher

March 26, 2017


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Purchasing consultant, it is only a matter of time for snow pusher for forklift trucks – the reasons for price differences, then entered Germany holds winter again in and thus also the snow comes. What is the purest joy for children, can be a problem for entrepreneurs and businesses. Depots and parking must be of the cleared so that the operation can continue without any problems. Forklift snow shovels are a popular attachment for forklift trucks in the winter service, because in most companies, a forklift is available and a forklift snow slide as an ideal option, Mr to the snow masses are. The commercial snow pusher for forklift trucks start very cheap models at prices from less than 500 euros, whereas the high-quality forklift snow slides quickly over 1000 euros. What are these large price differences for these professional winter service equipment and what snow pusher for forklift is ideal for what usage? Just entrepreneurs or enterprises should at pay attention to the selection of suitable winter service attachments for fork lift trucks on a certain level of quality. The very favourable snow pusher for forklift trucks are often made of inferior materials or for example from very thin sheet of steel. At the same time, the cheapest professional winter service equipment have not always a quick change replacement cutting edge, which is a big disadvantage in intensive use.

Serious snow pusher for forklift trucks for commercial and long-term use starting in the price range from approximately 800-900 euros. For that price you get already high-quality snow pusher for forklift trucks, which are built not only for frequent use, but offer even a modicum of comfort: this winter service attachments are quickly ready for use by you only with the forks of the engine truck picks up the truck snow shovel, locking pins to prevent slipping and off go the usage. In addition to the frontal position of the stacker snow shovels can also left or right tilt, so here is a more efficient winter service possible. The price range for these attachments for professional winter maintenance for forklifts ranging far into the four-digit range. This price for the fork lift snow shovel is due to two things. On the one hand the slightly higher-priced forklift snow sliders have greater room width up to 2400 mm and on the other hand, these attachments for professional winter service for motor trucks feature setting possibilities (e.g. the solid angle is not only easy, but multiple adjustable, so that the position of the snow pusher for forklift always partial snow quantity and space velocity can be adapted to the). Finally, it can be stated that for a snow pusher for forklift trucks for the professional winter service in the commercial environment an investment of at least makes sense 800 euro to a suitable attachment for forklift trucks which is designed for a long and intensive use. Contact: winter service professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76


March 24, 2017


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A recent study carried out by researchers from the University of Buenos Aires (uba) in Argentina, proposes a relationship between periodontal disease and coronary risk. Periodontal disease affects the gums and the support structure of the teeth and is caused by poor oral hygiene. Even estimates that the coronary risk in people with periodontal disease is greater than that of a smoker, and only minor than a person with high cholesterol. The information was released by the Argentine daily La Nacion and points out that according to the literature, major coronary risk factors diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, stress and tobacco use, explained Dr. Under most conditions Dean Ornish M.D would agree. Osvaldo Costa, holder of the Chair of Periodontics at the uba.

Our study supports the theory that periodontal disease is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease. Necessary to study in more depth, because it is serious. One has the idea that periodontal disease is a problem of old age, and not really so says Costa-appears in advanced ages, but begins between the ages of 20 and 25. To avoid complications consult your dentist at least once a year for a complete overhaul.

Studying Wrinkles

March 23, 2017


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– Dynamic Lines or wrinkles of expression: as its name indicates, they are the derived ones from the movement of face muscles of the expression, are mainly located in the part superior of the face. They begin to appear around the 30 years. – Gravitational Lines: they are those that appear as a result of the action of the gravity on weaves. They predominate in the part inferior of the face. They arise as of the 40 years.

Within the dynamic lines or wrinkles of expression, the muscular tone is vitally important. The lines of expression that first begin to mark themselves are the derived lines of the expression, especially in the third superior of the face, as they are it the wrinkles of the external angle of orbicular of the eyes. Rooster legs are famous which are accentuated when laughing. Also they are the horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and the Inter-ciliary wrinkles that form you fold in entrecejo. Studying the anatomy of the patient and considering the three signs of the face aging, we can do an idea to us of how obtaining an optimal aesthetic result. In the treatment against the aging, several steps are due to follow, generally settles down a treatment of preventive type, to which later they will go away to him introducing modifications, based on the needs of the patient. The preventive treatment must like objective correct the dehydration and moulting, avoid or diminish the cutaneous spots, to regenerate the epidermis and to prevent the formation with wrinkles. A suitable well-taken care of face protection and routine become indispensable for the profit of these objectives. The first signs of aging are the tired aspect and ajado of the skin, together with the increase of the lines of expression in the forehead, entrecejo and around the eyes.

Papalo Grandson

March 22, 2017


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METHODOLOGY qualitative Work of exploratrio bibliographical matrix in which it looks for to trace the trajectory on the aged one, family, the changes in the cycle of familiar life, breakings in aged, finally carried through one brief communication on the cares in the prevention of breakings provoked for falls, using as base national literatures. DEVELOPMENT the population aging comes folloied of degenerative chronic illnesses with incapacities and deficiencies, becoming necessary the evaluation of the behavior of the functional capacity of the patient aged, since it is essential for the diagnosis, prognostic and clinical judgment (BRAZIL, 2006). As Brazil (2006) the raised incidence of falls in aged is one of the pointers of this trend observed in the oldness. It must be faced as one of the most important symptoms in geriatria. The family is a natural group that through the times has development standards of interactions, standards this that constitute the familiar structure, that in turn governs the functioning of the members familiar. According to Papalo Grandson; Oak Son (2006) the falls are events found in all the population, being very frequent in aged individuals. They are not inevitable consequences of the aging, but when they occur, they signal the beginning of the fragility or announce an acute illness, beyond being important cause of injury, incapacity and death.

Although the majority of the falls does not result in important physical damage, they can cause an irreparable psychological reply and lead to morbidade mortality significant. In the two extremities of the life the fall occurrence is frequent, but it has meant distinct. While in infancy it marks the acquisition of mechanisms that go to guarantee the position and the locomotion, in the oldness indicates the deterioration of these systems, emphasizes (WEDGE; GUIMARES, 2004). For Netina (2003) diverse normal alterations related to the age exist, that happens in all the main systems of the body, being able to present itself at distinct moments for different people.

The Healing

March 21, 2017


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It is used to give you to discover a chance what you really are, and your true nature to detect. Spectacular projects are in the order of the day, particularly as a result of such impressive visible operations, where without any anesthetic or sterilization, mechanical intervention in the body are made. It was at this point but also clearly said that each patient to contribute its part to the healing has. A rethinking of previous life goals and ways of life, placing malicious behaviors the acceptance of the body as a friend on our way of life and a serious desire to realize on what circumstances or thinking he was forced with disease to respond, all belongs to the healing in the all-embracing sense, in the Casa practiced his fellow men and themselves. Appears difficult, so intractable you all? It can be easy, once made the start. And the beginning is for many people a very descriptive and downright overwhelming improvement in your health status thanks to the help from the spiritual world. You will experience during your stay at the Casa as a very important and many previously unknown tool for front is you and given in the hand: the contact with beings of the spiritual dimension – starting with our own spirit guides or guardian angels – who would like to help us, not least because they also grow and evolve. But they are limited in its powers to act as long as we ask for any help from them and the channels keep what usually happens out of ignorance. The operations and meditation sessions at the Casa open or strengthen this access and help identify the reasons for our presence on Earth, as well as for the causes of our pain and our suffering. The gratitude for the physical healing received by the medium Joao very often opens the doors to a spiritual path that will be completely different in individual cases, but the light will move to a reorientation of shadows and darkness.

Immense Homesickness

March 20, 2017


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Acknowledgment: Not advisable for sensible people! They were married, did not have children, for infertility reasons. But it loved it in such a way. Nor it wise person she loved how much it. You may wish to learn more. If so, University of Iowa College of Medicine is the place to go. She was capable to make everything for it. It was equal. She had the same feelings, or to secalhar until greaters. It was a so great love, that any couple that had married has as many years as that one, would feel envy not to have the so lighted flame as of them! Until one day happened a terrible thing.

It had that to leave. It had that to leave there for top, the paradise, a very better small farm of what the Terra.Quando it left, it refused to accept this. He said that not and that not and that not, but the day arrived where it really perceived, that it had left, and did not have nothing to make against this. It is the destination. All people knows its destination. It wise person that it went for a very better small farm of what where it is, alone this did not make it to come back to be as was at the moment where it left.

Passed some days its feeling it is homesickness. It decided to write a dedicated poem it.? Not you know what I am to feel. Nobody knows. I have as many homesicknesses. Homesicknesses of your look, your smile, your voice, your hands, everything. Homesickness to come back you to kiss and to touch. I desire you of new, but know that this is impossible. Although already to have left, I LOVE YOU! I know that you want that I follow my life, but I do not obtain.? In this, it placed the devotion on of campa of it, and passed moments, it broke tembm. Reason? Because it will be that it left? To be with new it of or not feeling plus this homesickness? Nor all people knows! Not even I, that I am the author! Sofia Martins

Fidel Castro

March 9, 2017


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Today I will discuss the subject of life planning. You will tell me: you can plan life?, and I will answer you, Yes and is necessary to be done. I want to deal with the issue based on the following premise: you begin the path with a wrong with a wrong, only concept idea can take you. to a wrong destination. Many people walk by the disoriented life not knowing where you go, go out to the street and ask 10 people how he thinks that it will be your life within 15 years?-, can assure you that the vast majority will not know how to respond. You that I read ask the question and answer it. You may want to defend himself saying:-nobody knows what will happen from here to five years, if there will be an earthquake, will drop the capitalist and democratic system and we are assaulted by a dictatorship of left of Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez – style. tyn Jr.. A related site: Kevin P. Campbell, PhD mentions similar findings. But regardless of all that stuff, you can have a life plan.

The imminent question is now: what is a life plan and why have one? The plan life it refers basically to two aspects, the first has to do with the target and the other is related to the road. By destination, I refer to what you dream to become or have and by road to all the things you do to get there. And both the one and the other are of vital importance. Antonio who live in very poor conditions and with difficulty gets to eat, have the legitimate right of wanting to improve their quality of life and can aspire to live in a better place with better sanitary conditions and without any lack of essential goods, one day Antonio sees to her around and tired of that situation decides that it will improve their life status. This is the first step, having the desire to make a change of the as I am today, to the as want to be within x amount of time. The second step or appearance leads to planning, i.e., what should I do to get where I want to be. Why is it important? because it is precisely what gives meaning and direction to your life, you get up in the morning knowing because and why you do what you do, then you understand that studying work relate you have a purpose, life acquires meaning.

Another no less important aspect is related to the fact that knowing what you want allows you to position yourself small goals to achieve and that fence getting where you want to go, putting goals is very important because it allows you to measure the progress or progress in the achievement of the aim desired to knowing that everything what can be measured can be achieved. You should take some time to think about what you want in life, the person you want to become, in the father that you want to become, in the wife you want to become in the professional you want to become, in health who wants to have at age 60, at home, in the car, in the lifestyle that you want. It is very important to know what one wants in life. Reach is important, but above all reach where one wanted to go. He who does not know where it goes generally reaches where you do not want to be. Love, peace, and friendship are the compass that you lead to your destination.