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Cavitation Equipment

October 29, 2016


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Call us: 030 76 21 32 02 body shape Center Berlin offer easy-good. Invest in medical wellness! \”Medical wellness\”, the trend of the times. Bring your Studio/practice on the cutting edge of technology. Body shape Center is probably the most complete health and wellness concept on the market! Many customers want to stay of course healthy and in form. But they do not achieve the desired results despite diet and sporty use. At Professor Roy Taylor you will find additional information. Ultrasound is the solution! The combination of ultrasound and nutrition leads to extraordinary results.

This pleasantly relaxing procedure gives a visible reduction of excess body fat and disturbing cellulite already with the first application. The multi-well Cellsonic allows for handling, with the help of ultrasonic heads, which are applied to these zones, specifically to massage the deposit at depth. This fat particles are mobilized and removed about lymphatic and blood vessels. Reconstructs the tissue, the skin becomes firm, the reduction is immediately measurable. Skin, Nerves and organs are not affected. Benefit concept from the variability of the body form Center.

Applications of body form Center concept body analysis; Ohmniscan is a key factor in the nutrition the BIA measurement. Here, it is exactly checked if you really break down fat and lose not only water or muscle mass. A conventional scale can make no statement about. Also, your nutritional status is so regularly. Ohmniscan NG is a fully digital, phase-sensitive 4-channel instrument for the bio-impedance analysis (BIA). On all four channels, Ohmniscan NG at 50 kHz AC frequency measures the resistive resistance (RZ), the capacitive resistance of XC and the phase angle (PA) with high precision. Ultrasound;Cellsonic device working Cellsonic with low-frequency ultrasonic waves in the range of 30 kHz low frequency ultrasound is a safe and painless method, which, combined with drainage, it makes it possible to treat the most stubborn fat deposits. The technique of low frequency ultrasound works its way through the adipositose tissue.

Jefferson Maleski

October 21, 2016


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Altruism: Love or Egoism ‘ ‘ All man is happy being to who loves satisfied. The altruist is happy when teaching the happiness to its redor. Dean Ornish M.D understood the implications. The scholar is happy when the humanity knows what she is to be happy. The egoist is happy while nobody will be happyer than ele.’ ‘ (Happy Jefferson Maleski) Who we are, what we are, what in the ones of the pleasure, what saddens in them. To help who needs is goodness source? When we help somebody, we are making this for love to the next one or are making for pleasure in knowing that we are in better situation of what the other. Many of us we live in asylums, hospitals, penitentiaries, churches, with the mask of the goodness, but it will be that really we are so good thus, for, supposedly to be helping the others? The pleasure in helping is very great, but generally makes, it, for pure egoism, feelings that many times we hide behind the mask of the goodness. Two phrases analyze these below, are accurately what we use to convince the people to help ‘ ‘ necessitados’ ‘: ‘ ‘ – We have that to help the others, therefore we are in a better situation that of them – ‘ ‘ We have that to help, therefore tomorrow who knows is we who we will need ajuda’ ‘ The point is this that I want to arrive, has d of who this underneath, sick person, getting depressed, with financial problems, psychological and diverse other problems.

Therefore it is only as soon as we are in helping, therefore to need itself we will be helped; EGOISM behind the mask of the goodness. We feel happy in being able to help, we feel ourselves satisfied in having done something of good, this happiness nothing more is that the pleasure that we have, not in helping, but, repeating, in feeling that the others better and can beat in the chest and say that it obtained to grow more than somebody. Then, always we have that justifying in them for being well. To be better that they outrem, does not become in them bad, bad, simply made something that in the ones of this privileged situation. It is much more easy comparing in them with less the most favored, therefore thus we will be always superficially, on the other hand, if we will be in to compare with the most favored, we will be always underneath and having that to improve, this of the work to the egoist and takes off it of the comfort zone. Alive in peace, without having that to show that you are well, she is happy, alive for you and does not stop the others, all have the same possibilities, some use to advantage, others not and you are not responsible for who you do not use to advantage the possibilities that the world of, alive the happy one. If it does not feel happy in helping the needed ones, is felt sad, therefore somebody needs this needing aid, the world will be better when nobody to need aid, when the people will be self-sufficient for its proper sustenance and happiness. ‘ ‘ Much people ruin the life with an unhealthy one and exaggerated altrusmo.

Numerology Names

October 18, 2016


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Often parents expect the child to the question: What do you call a baby? Really your choice of favorite baby this fact it difficult problem, a lot of responsibility on parents. Quite long for some reason, people treated without a certain significance, but now people have realized, as the name has a strong impact on the character and human health. Many parents do not know how to properly call a child. In the 17th century gave the children the names of the special list, and he was meager, if too many people have similar names be named, but in modern times it is not considered relevant, from this to kindergarten or school is suddenly under great many children who have the same name and will be must be called by the name of children. But the main thing is not worth much to bend the stick to look at this unusual and rare names, and learn more about how important it male or female name, thus you can choose to try to lucky name for a girl and boy. And do not choose names for children like their ancestors, as the child acquires the character and health of loved ones, it is necessary that a kid person. Given names sometimes twice, the first name parents be named, be named the middle name my father called the church when okreschaet birthday, in the past century, holding birthday party for the people were great, and even more than their name, by the way, this Orthodox holiday celebrated with great gusto, and in the present day, this is not popular.


October 17, 2016


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Holger A. Jakstat, head of dental Propaedeutics and materials science, University of Leipzig; Dean dental school of the University of Leipzig denture supplies (cost) compared Wolfgang Kant b, master dental technician from Kronberg/Taunus implants today a standard supply? Professor Dr. Hans-Ludwig Graf, head of the polyclinic at the clinic for oral, jaw and facial plastic surgery, University of Leipzig Board of Trustees perfect dentures for over 20 years serving the dental technology sets the KpZ for over 20 years for a, to raise public awareness of the topic of Dental restorations. We work closely with the editors of print media, radio and television and write press releases for them, to provide background and photo material or provide interview partners. We are on our Internet page comprehensive information for journalists and patients, where very good reproduction for pay attention to medical laymen. Also serves as a forum for interdisciplinary cooperation the Board of Trustees of the public and promotes young scientists,”said Dr. Karin Uphoff, head of the Marburger press centre of the KpZ.

The KpZ info day will take place on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, from 14 to 19: 00 at the clinic of Prosthodontics and material science, Liebig Street 12, House 1, 04103 Leipzig. The complete program with the times of all program points can be found info day on the site. There are also ordering for brochures and folders, as well as information on current events, about the telephone expert consultations. Who wants to be informed, can provide with information also via Facebook: perfekterZahnersatz. Or sign up for the newsletter: newsletter Info day of Board of Trustees perfect dentures: you have questions? Info day on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, you can in the framework Discussion patients ask experts answer”from 16:10 16:40 CET ask they be answered directly from the experts. However, not everyone wants to recite his concern audience. There is, therefore, the opportunity to send questions to teeth, dentures and oral health already prior to the info day on the KpZ. The most frequently asked questions and answers are perfect dentures after the event on the website of the Board of Trustees to read (

Public Relations

October 14, 2016


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Wellness and Halloween: in the autumn of 2013 after a nice summer the time to prepare for the cold season is PR effective topics now. The turbulent Christmas is around the corner, much strength and energy is needed. The autumn is ideal to stimulate the financial year 2013 again with the right PR issues, public relations, Public Relations and PR agency from Berlin. Effective PR topics for autumn planning with from the end of September and in October there are numerous ways to operate related PR campaigns: the autumn is the time of incipient colds, health and wellness tips are now booming. Best now is the time to for wellness, pharmacies, health food stores, to alert the public to your products. When the days are short and cool, the home is the place for cosy leisure again. Interior design, cooking and decoration tips and DIY instructions are now sought-after topics.

Also the Halloween known from the United States on October 31 is the ideal date for Dekoanbieter, candy – and costume manufacturers to promote the goods. In regard to the upcoming winter tire manufacturers but also can alert already their customers with the help of public relations on the upcoming winter frost. The right services for PR support to: before so the holiday shopping season begins, you should use the remaining time of the year for press and public relations and start his sprint customer favour and positive financial results. And it requires one thing: public relations! Information about references, PR actions and services at: since 2000, consults and supports organizations renowned as owner-operated full-service PR agency / company and their products in the B2B and B2C communication offers in addition to the core competencies of strategic consulting, classical press work and guerilla PR campaigns involving external network partners on the entire portfolio of contemporary PR tools.

Disease Disability Insurance

October 9, 2016


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Consumer organization offers free help as some would like to like to conclude the important disability insurance, but often the insurer on the basis of a disease rejects the insurance coverage or awards this only with a disclaimer. Resources offer promotions of the insurer with simplified health and shortened periods of the query, so the consumer organization money and consumer e.V. (GVI). Currently insurance companies offer new promotions at disability insurance up to an insured monthly pension of 1,000 euros with shortened question catalogue and query periods in health by only two or three years. Query periods from five to ten years are common otherwise,”GVI President Siegfried Karle points.

People with the disease, which were more than two years ago in medical treatment, have a chance now to get a basic protection with promotional offers. Also the occupational disability insurance cover could be raised later must be no longer supplied, when pass with a new application for health problems over time. See interested on under the heading free”(BU promotions with simplified health issues). About us: The money consumers interest grouping of insured, savers and investors e.V. (GVI) operates and consumerism and consumer education in financial matters since 1987. Their goal is to help the consumer, to find better right in the confusing financial and insurance market, to avoid mistakes and especially costs. consumer interest group of the insured, savers and investors e.

Care Association

October 6, 2016


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Because the statutory compulsory care can only a portion of which covers costs in case of maintenance, reduced the gap by the Government-sponsored care insurance be St, Gallen 30.09.2013. Since the 01.01.2013 of State for private care supplementary insurance pays a grant amounting to 60 Euro per year, or 5 euros per month, if they meet predetermined criteria. Because only part of the gap in care close but also with the funded care insurance most private health insurers offer in addition a substantial”care plan as a supplement to. The Government-sponsored care insurance is interesting for people, who have received so far no insurance coverage because of pre-existing conditions. However, be aware that the funded care Bahr represents only a cut-out cover, it will be only a part of the costs in case of maintenance. Reinhold Schulte, saw until June 2013, head of the Association of private health insurance, one positive in the future: additional insurance the private had agreed to 2012 on a good half a million to 32 million insurance. Contrary to all black painting the publicly-funded care insurance called is shortly nursing Bahr real success model”developed.

End of may 2013 so Schulte, reported more than 125 000 people, had completed the new supplementary insurance. Because with every day additional 1000 new applications, you was probably already at around 150,000 contracts. “And that, as the former head of the Association, is only the beginning.” 24 Private insurer with a market share of more than 80 percent had the additional police already on sale. More companies planned entry in 2013. Obviously the debate over care reform many opened the eyes, that, without additional provision in case of maintenance, “financial stress” threaten them. Was also gratifying that the new offering in the 25-35 year olds arrive as well, Schulte said. On these Age group accounted for almost 40 percent of all applications.

Travel Kingdom

October 3, 2016


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Doubly annoying if the grubby weather short before the holidays start on their fitness to travel with fever and flu home stay put. No menu but up to 80% cancellation charges for it! Therefore the important note applies also here a travel cancellation insurance takes terror charge twice! Annual travel insurance with repatriation spontaneously enjoying the first snow and in the fall for a weekend off at the Stubai glacier in Austria. Here in the snow Kingdom everything is perfectly prepared for grandiose vision and fast descents and also assistance in an emergency or slope accident is very well organized. Everything has a price of course and unfortunately, only the Pistentransport on her own is paid with the lift ticket. Logistically no problem is an unfortunate fall and the world-renowned to Innsbruck in the hospital financially but already. The Bill is salted and the statutory health insurance long no longer everything. The rescue is not applied although by the statutory health insurance, the recovery however.

What is the difference? The helicopter rescue means that no It was possible to accomplish the evacuation by car. That is less the case in generously developed ski resorts, to ride the ski Raj always leads to the next Street where the ambulance is already waiting. Direct flight to the hospital the victim pays the additional costs for the helicopter! Even more serious is the fact that the acquisition of transport by the statutory health insurance in the hospital in Innsbruck ends, the way would be ensured only by a health insurance with medically meaningful repatriation home. A travel protection coverage is optimal package which includes travel accident insurance. All inclusive packages particularly in remote destinations in the Caribbean or Asia all inclusive packages, meals, drinks and sports book love and the largest share. The travel costs are so precisely predictable and can be completely relaxed and perfectly looked back the cold season in Germany. A carefree travel insurance from our point of view these include all inclusive packages simply, because only then you have really all inclusive. The cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs which also higher due to the average price higher for these travel deals. In the event of cancellation case can unfortunately while not enjoying the all including buffets, pay your cancellation costs however diligently with.