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Global Office Offers Companies

April 22, 2014


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There are gifts for Christmas to the new year and at the end of the year different values and traditions are maintained, quite different from family to family. Some people fondue or raclette to new year’s Eve is always a Christmas goose on the festive table, which are decorated Christmas tree and the Nativity scene erected the Church belongs to the holidays or Molybdomancy. And of course gifts. Also at global office as a family business”you can further rely on important values. Also in the new year.

Continue to be very satisfied customers. To do this, you must know but also the customers and know what they think and need. Stay in contact with customers. As with the members of a family! It was also in the fifth year of its existence to consult its customers reason and motivation of global office. With the aim to be even better and further expand the all-round carefree package.

The new portfolio, which is found on the redesigned homepage now arose from this idea of improvement. It provides many new services to optimize the customer dialogue. And not only that, but also more condition benefits for various areas of everyday of entrepreneurs about the shopping platform. New: global office scheduling service also supports its customers now office for telephone accessibility service global also extensively in their scheduling. There is a personal online planning calendar, to everyone and make dates in real time can access and manage. Global automated complete office call service to the customer dialog package, office global offers an automated phone call service. In this case, office takes over the quick dissemination of information on the basis of the person recorded voice message global. global office travel deals travel management is tailored to the needs of customers and global office professional is available now as a travel optimizer. global office connects services to optimize a holistic customer dialogue now condition and service benefits of a shopping platform and gives you so many more values: on the one hand increasing the accessibility and thus accompanied by the increase of customer satisfaction. But the improved utilization of date, case-closing registration of incoming calls and increase of orders and sales. And cross-industry for any entrepreneur. Are happy about the new services, as well as its earnings and now Martin Kaiser, Managing Director of the exact active Rosenheim is a gift. He was drafted from the participants of the customer satisfaction survey. Exactly active in its holistic approach combines health oriented training and physiotherapy. Kaiser was pleased, not only about winning, but in particular also on the successful and professional cooperation with global office. For more information, see Doris Kohlhas

New E-bike Portal Launched

April 16, 2014


Comments Off on New E-bike Portal Launched provides information on Pedelecs, e-bikes and electric scooters Cologne, November 2011. Electrically powered two-wheelers are fully in line with the trend. From month to month, the offer is bigger and at the same time more difficult to comprehend for customers. The Portal is committed therefore to the goal, to provide a central information platform on the subject of Pedelecs, e-bikes and electric scooters. With tips on purchasing, information technology, news about models and types, interviews, tours, etc. the offer, which had to be built out until the end of the year, through a Facebook platform, its own YouTube channel and a news ticker on Twitter are complemented.

In addition to information about trends and technology, especially the fun and the benefits in the foreground should be on Although now 300,000 e-bikes a year are sold, the manifold opportunities and advantages, providing e-bikes and Pedelecs are still largely unknown to the general public”, as Reiner Kolberg, editor-in-Chief and publisher of this is e-bikes the fun: for some it brings back memories of childhood, as the parental hand with a push made for acceleration. Today, it is the engine that provides inaudible depending on wheel type, an engine and preset electronics for gentle support and a strong boost. So the driving is fun and a happy surprised smile automatically adjusts itself in the most e-bike testers. Advantages with the e-bike in everyday life and on tours in practice significantly shrink large distances. Way to work about 10 kilometers can be with the e-bike comfortably and arriving on time, fresh and wide awake in the Office. Extended bike tours of more than 50 kilometers are no longer a problem also for untrained cyclists and even steep passages or strapping headwind lose their terror. Satisfaction and fitness there are in electric biking free no matter whether it is with the e-bike to the Office, shopping or on a bike ride, you have always the good feeling to have something done despite engine support.

The confirm scientific investigations, for example by the sport University Cologne, which has determined that a moderate but regular load, the best health effect. Also good to know: when riding a bike, the joints are conserved and muscles and the cardiovascular system activated, which equally good for young and old and keeps long term fit. Pedelecs are efficient and cost-effective for companies increasingly also firms are discovering the benefits of e-bikes. Because, especially in large cities, electrically assisted bikes are often faster than a car and significantly less expensive to purchase, and especially in the maintenance. And also parking problems are past. Manufacturer and dealer here now offer mobility consulting, leasing offers models tailored to individual industries. contact Reiner Kolberg Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Reiner Kolberg Sustainable communication Office Tel. +49(0)221-3400785

Pregnancy Cares

April 5, 2014


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Female infertility or conception problems are often linked to genetic problems, however there is one aspect that is neglected in most cases. What you can do then to get pregnant? Otherwise again our eyes towards our physical state. Obesity, as it is well known generates risks on our health of tension, high blood pressure, problems in joints, etc. But already has shown also that hinders conception either naturally in assisted reproduction processes. In this case, the obesity factor predominates on the age and even the presence of regular menstrual cycles. A woman with a not proper body mass index will see their chances of getting pregnant dramatically reduce. But how to calculate this index? The body mass index, known by its acronym BMI, is calculated by dividing the weight in kilograms of the subject in study between your height squared. The formula is: BMI = weight (kg) / altura (mts) an IMC m that defines a healthy weight is between 19 and 25.

A BMI between 25 and 29 is indicative of being overweight and a BMI above 29 is clearly indicative of obesity. Clear that must take into account extenuating as race, age, muscles (for athletes) etc. But what does it have clear is that excess fat in the body of the woman causes abnormalities in the ovaries, preventing that they do cause an embryo. So the ideal is to put into practice an exercise regime, either alone or in couple, combined with a diet that includes the nutrients and vitamins that the body needs. A light workout is best for starting, to then increase their frequency. Eye, do not seek to be extreme, with that you decepcionaras you only if you do not manage to do it!

Freud and the Unconscious

April 3, 2014


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When it is thought about Sigmund Freud, then comes the association of the name with the Psychoanalysis that was its creation. The concept of unconscious is intrinsic to the Psychoanalysis, in way that if was to all summarize in a word knowing psicanaltico, this word would be the unconscious one. Freud elaborates the psicanaltica theory in the end of century XIX and first half of century XX. The unconscious one penetrates in the culture occidental person and science, however being used to understand some signals of the human behavior, however being banalizado and ignored for the psychology of the conscience. At the same time where Freud is enaltecido by its ousadia in creating a new science, also it is escorraado and criticized for that they had not accepted the psychoanalysis. However, it can be hated and be contested Freud and everything what it represents for the history of knowing after-modern, but is necessary to admit its necessity for the understanding of the society and the human psiquismo.

It looked for in this text to point out the sprouting of the psychoanalysis in historical context philosophical, where Freud lived, Victorian Vienna of the end of century XIX, whose spirit is marked by a great faith in the science, illuminated for the lights of the reason, of the rationality; The freudiano paper and concept unconscious its in the interior of the psychic device, as well as its forms of manifestation in the conscience through the acts defective, encobridoras souvenirs and dreams. 1. The CONTEXT OF the SPROUTING OF KNOWING PSICANALTICO the Psychoanalysis is the science created for Sigmund Freud little more than the one hundred years. Freud was a Jewish doctor, neurologist and psychiatrist of Vienna of the second half of century XIX. To understand the historical and philosophical context of the sprouting of the psychoanalysis is very important, therefore the psychoanalysis did not appear of the nothing.